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What is Service Charge in Maldives ?

All resorts in Maldives pay Service Charge to their staff in USD and this money is collected from the Guests as Service Charge and distributed to all staff equally, regardless of the salary or the grade/position. The salary package is basically the basic salary and service charge, plus other allowances vary from resort to resort. Every service provided by businesses operating in the tourism industry in Maldives shall levy a service charge in an amount not less than 10%.  For people who are going to accept a Job Offer from one resort from more than 180 Resorts in Maldives, it’s important for you to consider the average service charge of this resort.

Service Charge in Maldives 2021, 2022, 2023, & 2024


halamaldif.com has good relationships with most of resorts management and their finance departments and we will provide you every month, before the payroll deposit even, with full accurate information and detailed statistics about service charge in Maldives.

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January 2023 Maldives service charge resorts

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Service charge in Maldives January 2024 All Resorts List

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