When is the best time to visit Maldives ?

best time to visit maldives

Check the weather before travelling to Maldives !

It’s very important to choose the right time for travelling to Maldives before you book anything, I believe it’s more important than to choose the perfect Resort or Island…Some people came to the Maldives without planing and in the wrong period of the year and left bit disappointed, because they came during rainy days and they didn’t experience and feel the real Maldives and see the turquoise water, despite that Maldives is paradise all the year around… So you need to book your stay in Maldives during the perfect time of the year.

The Weather in Maldives and best time to travel to it ?

Maldives has 2 seasons, rainy season and dry season and every season last for 6 months almost. Simply the best time to visit Maldives is between November to April. As I am living in Maldives, I advice always coming from end of December/ beginning of January to middle of April as the second half of April is transition to rainy season and from May and especially June and July (considered low season) has heavy rain…But the frequency of the rain it vary from the atolls on the south and the atolls in the north. So from May to October it’s considered rainy season however the rates of resort rooms are lower especially in from June to August comparing to other periods of the year ( from end of December to middle of January is the peak season and the prices are the highest ).

But even if you come during the rainy season it doesn’t mean that you will not encounter sunny days, there is always sunny days and it depend of your luck. And most of the time during the rainy season, in the morning it’s sunny and then in afternoon start the rain and sometimes just quick and light rain…

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best time to visit maldives

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