The Real Weather in Maldives : Expert Tips from a Local Insider

weather in maldives in 2024

Sunday, March 31st 2024

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share my experience as a Maldives travel expert and provide some realistic insights. One common concern I’ve noticed over the years is about the weather in the Maldives. Having lived in the Maldives since 2016 and visited over 50 islands in different atolls, I can tell you that there’s no longer a distinct rainy season or dry season due to climate change. You might experience rainy days during what used to be the dry season and sunny days during what used to be the wet season. There’s no perfect science anymore; the weather in the Maldives has become unpredictable. You might encounter rain throughout the year, but often it’s quick and short-lived, followed by sunny skies again. It’s become the new normal.

So, don’t be too disappointed if you encounter rain when you arrive. My advice is to plan for a minimum of 8 days for your vacation in the Maldives. Due to climate change, you can expect at least 4 or even 5 days of rain, with the rest being sunny. Therefore, having more days allows you to enjoy the sunny days despite the occasional rain. If you’re only planning to stay for 3 or 4 days, it might be better to reconsider, as you might encounter rain throughout your entire stay.

For those concerned about the expense, you can consider combining stays between resort islands and local budget islands. This way, you can experience both luxury and the authentic culture of the Maldives while maximizing your enjoyment, even if the weather doesn’t always cooperate.

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