Kaafu Atoll

About DHiffushi

Dhiffushi is one of the inhabited islands of Kaafu Atoll. The island is 36.99 km northeast of the country’s capital, Malé. The island can be reached in 40 minutes by speedboat from Velana International airport. Dhiffushi is the most eastern inhabited island in the Maldives and hence the island witnesses sunrise first in the country. Dhiffushi is the leading island in the Local Guesthouse industry the Maldives. The island is famous for its hospitality and friendliness of the people while there are a variety of guesthouses run by locals along with a few guest shops opened up for business.

Our Guesthouse Partner in Dhiffushi

Our guest house has modern island style rooms with a view right at the ocean or the island. You can enjoy variety of international cuisines in our restaurant. When you arrive we will welcome you with a tropical drink at our beach bar where you can enjoy drinks, coffee, fresh coconut and other various beverages during your stay. With less than one minute walk you will be at our white sandy beach which is a great place for everyone who want to just relax or who feel adventurous and want to try our water sports. You will be able to try kayaking, glass kayaking, paddle boarding or snorkelling. In the night the beach transforms to a magical place with so many lights, clear sky full of stars and moon light. You can enjoy a bbq or a simple dinner at the best atmosphere you can ever imagine. 

Save a lot of money and book your budget stay at Dhiffushi island. If you have any special request/group request you can contact us directly here. Book easily and get confirmation immediately through our main profile in Airbnb.

Dhiffushi Island is just in front of famous Meeru Resort Island : less than 300 m.

Transfer to Dhiffushi

By Speedboat (35$ one way)

Male' - MLE Airport - Dhiffushi
  • Departure from Male’ 11:30 – Departure from Airport 11:45 – Arrival 12:20 (All Days except Friday)
  • Departure from Male’ 16:30 –  17:15 (All Days except Friday)

       Friday :

  • Departure from Male’ 08:30 – Departure from Airport 08:40 – Arrival 09:30
  • Departure from Male’ 20:00 – Departure from Airport 20:15 – Arrival 21:00
Dhiffushi - MLE Airport - Male'
  • Departure from Dhiffushi 07:30 – Arrival to Male’ 08:15 (All Days except Friday)
  • Departure from Dhiffushi 13:30 – Arrival to Airport 14:10 – Arrival to Male’ 14:30 (All Days except Friday)

       Friday :

  • Departure from Dhiffushi 07:00 – Arrival to Airport 07:45 – Arrival to Male’ 08:00 
  • Departure from Dhiffushi 17:45 – Arrival to Male’ 18:30 

By Public Ferry (1.5$ one way)


If you have any inquiries about the island, the transfer, the guesthouse itself, the booking, or anything about the Maldives feel free to contact us directly here or send us e-mail to : reservations@halamaldif.com

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